How to configure outlook

How to configure outlook

you have to use normal settings to setup outlook.
username :
smtp/pop host:
password : as setup in control panel
click on advanced / more settings, in outgoing, check the checkbox that says my server requires authentication
Make sure your domain's nameservers has been changed and atleast 48 hrs have passed before using above settings.
Do not change default ports

Please check below settings to configure email account :

Open outlook express
Click on Tools >> Accounts
Click on the Mail Tab >> Add >> Mail
Enter The Display Name >> Next
Enter the Email Address >> test@domainname >> Next
Select Pop3 In the Drop Down List
Enter the Incoming Mail Server POP3 >> mail.domainname
Enter the Outgoing Mail Server SMTP >> mail.domainname
Enter the Account Name >> test@domainname
Enter the Password >> test >> Next
Click on the Account which you have configured
Click on the Properties Tab >> Click on Servers Tab
Select My server Requires Authentication
Go to Advanced Tab >>
Check SMTP Port is 25 & POP3 Port is 110
Select Leave a copy of messages on server
You are done.
Click on Send and Receive.

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