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cPanel Web Hosting Plans


Perfect package for
Beginer level websites

रू. 250 20% OFF


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  • Host 1 Website
  • Webspace
  • Domain
  • Id's
  • Certificate
  • Bandwidth
  • DB's
  • Optimized


Perfect package for
Developer friendly websites

रू. 568 35% OFF


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  • Host 3 Website
  • Webspace
  • Domain
  • Id's
  • Certificate
  • Bandwidth
  • DB's
  • Optimized


Perfect package for
Enterprise level websites

880 40% OFF


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  • Host Unlimited Website
  • Webspace
  • Domain
  • Id's
  • Certificate
  • Bandwidth
  • DB's
  • Optimized

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Included in every plan...

Unlimited Traffic
email protection
php version
file manager
dns management
auto malware removal
1 Click Script Installer
Weekly Backup
Firewall Protection
Cron Jobs
Wordpress Optimized
Cloudlinux OS
Webmail Access

Why Choose cPanel Shared Web Hosting

Hosting Ground delivers powerful, high quality web hosting services using the best features and latest software to make your websites fly!

The perfect trifecta for web hosting

domain registrar

Free cPanel

Simplify the process of web hosting with our FREE cPanel offering. WIth its ease-of-use and quality features, managing your website is now made effortless.

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Cloud Linux Os

Our Shared Hosting Servers are based on Cloudlinux Os for high performance and security of hosting applications. So that makes for better performance.

domain registrar

PHP, MySQL & more

Build the website in your favourite language. With languages such as MySQL, Ruby, PHP you can develop in the language that you know best.

domain registrar

Cloudflare Security

Cloudflare Plugin is available with your shared hosting plans. With this plugin you can access high security services like cloudflare DDos.

domain registrar

Free SSL Certificate

We provide SSl certificates for free with all hosting plans for high security of websites.

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Ultra Fast Websites

Your Websites are assured of high performance, thanks to our carefully designed Intel powered hardware that deliver fantastic power, reliability and efficiency.

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Free Migration

We will help you migrate your current website on cPanel hosting with any other provider to your Our Linux Shared Hosting order - completely free!

domain registrar

24x7 Support

Our dedicated team of Linux Web Hosting experts work round-the-clock to ensure your business does not face any disruptions.

Easy way to start your reseller hosting business today!

Take your hosting business to new heights with our powerful white-labelled cPanel reseller packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Web Hosting technology is an absolute mandatory when a customer wants to make a resource available on the global Web. The resource can be a file like an image or a video, but also can be a whole web page. The web pages are what exactly form a typical web site. In other words, if a customer would like to have a website, then the web hosting service is required to make that website available for access.

cPanel hosting is a type of shared hosting service where many web sites are stored on a single server. Each of the websites shares the resources (disk space, data transfer, cpu, memory etc.) available on that server. Users primarily have control panel (cPanel) access to their web hosting account, but do not have root level access to the server their account is hosted on. Overall management and maintenance of the server are the responsibility of the web hosting service provider.

The first advantage of cPanel hosting is its cost. Given that a number of websites share the server resources, the cost of maintenance is shared between number of useरू. This brings the end user cost down considerably. Hosting Ground offers 1 GB of SSD disk space and unlimited bandwidth for Rs 109 a month. Another advantage is that as the web host, we are responsible for managing the server. Technical support is available 24x7, if there are any issues with your website you can contact our team and get the issue fixed. This means that people with relatively few IT skills can still set up a hosting account and a web site.

No. You don't need any special technical knowledge for hosting your website. Just choose your plan and sign up with Hosting Ground. We will take care of all the other aspects for you. Even if you need any help for choosing your web hosting package, you can get in touch with our experts. They are available 24/7 to advice you with an appropriate web hosting plan.

Once you get a domain name, any failure to keep it registered could cost you your whole online identity. Domain names can only be registered for a year so you will need to keep a tab on your expiry date and renew it at least 2 weeks before expiration. If you lose your domain name, your Registrar will then own it and sell it to the highest bidder.

It’s a good practice to keep all your information registered properly - billing and administrative contacts are updated and email addresses are active. Notifications of renewals and price hikes will be sent to the registered email addresses. Missing out on such emails could put you at a risk of losing your domain name which in turn means losing your brand online, your online presence and the awareness you built.

If you want to buy domain name, keep the following information handy:

  • Domain name owner, Administrative, Billing and Technical contacts:
    - Name
    - Postal Address
    - Email address
    - Username & Password
  • Your DNS information, obtained from your website hosting company
  • Credit card and billing information

Lastly, read and accept our Terms & Conditions.

As soon as you purchase web hosting from us, your hosting account will be setup instantly. You will receive your account information through email after setup is completed.

We will provide you with all the necessary assistance for transferring your website from another web hosting company to ouरू. All you need to do is get in touch with our customer support team after your new hosting account is set up and provide them with your old hosting account login information so that, they can transfer your files and folders from old server to Hosting Ground server.

A sub-domain adds the next level to your domain name. For instance, we own the main domain name – and our sub-domains are – tutorials.Hosting and affiliates.Hosting Similarly, you can create sub-domains that point to different websites or different subdivisions of your website like a blog, forum or a support page. You can create as many subdomains as you want with any of the web hosting packages you purchase from Hosting Ground.

Yes, you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth with Business and Advanced cPanel hosting account. As long as you comply with the unlimited hosting policy you don't have to worry about anything.