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Power Your Hosting Business with our Plesk Reseller Hosting Plan.

  • Super Fast SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Reliable Servers
  • Super Performance
30-day money-back guarantee
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Take your hosting business to new heights with our powerful white-labelled Plesk Panel reseller packages.


Perfect package for
small, growing businesses on a budget

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  • Host 50 Website
  • Webspace
  • Id's
  • Certificate
  • Bandwidth
  • Optimized


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Performance & Value to accelerate your business

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  • Host 100 Website
  • Webspace
  • Id's
  • Certificate
  • Bandwidth
  • Optimized


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The Ultimate Solution for Your Business

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  • Host Unlimited Website
  • Webspace
  • Id's
  • Certificate
  • Bandwidth
  • Optimized

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Included in every plan...

Unlimited Traffic
email protection
php version
file manager
dns management
auto malware removal
1 Click Script Installer
Weekly Backup
Firewall Protection
Cron Jobs
Wordpress Optimized
Cloudlinux OS
Webmail Access

Why Choose Plesk Reseller Web Hosting

Hosting Ground delivers powerful, high quality web hosting services using the best features and latest software to make your websites fly!

The perfect trifecta for web hosting

Plesk Panel

Free Plesk Panel

Simplify the process of web hosting with our FREE cPanel offering. WIth its ease-of-use and quality features, managing your website is now made effortless.

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Cloud Linux Os

Our Shared Hosting Servers are based on Cloudlinux Os for high performance and security of hosting applications. So that makes for better performance.

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PHP, MySQL & more

Build the website in your favourite language. With languages such as MySQL, Ruby, PHP you can develop in the language that you know best.

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Cloudflare Security

Cloudflare Plugin is available with your shared hosting plans. With this plugin you can access high security services like cloudflare DDos.

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Free SSL Certificate

We provide SSl certificates for free with all hosting plans for high security of websites.

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Ultra Fast Websites

Your Websites are assured of high performance, thanks to our carefully designed Intel powered hardware that deliver fantastic power, reliability and efficiency.

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Free Migration

We will help you migrate your current website on cPanel, Plesk hosting with any other provider to your Our Plesk Reseller Hosting - completely free!

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24x7 Support

Our dedicated team of Linux Web Hosting experts work round-the-clock to ensure your business does not face any disruptions.

Easy way to start your reseller hosting business today!

Take your hosting business to new heights with our powerful white-labelled directadmin reseller packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting is extremely reliable and fully feature packed! We provide you with everything you need to start a web hosting company! You would be amazed at how inexpensive it is to start your very own hosting company.

DirectAdmin Reseller hosting is still fully managed to provide you with the quality support that you expect from hostingground. Our unconditional 30 day moneyback guarantee applies on all reseller accounts as well so give it a try! You wont be disappointed.

Reseller hosting provides and interface to allow you to create, manage and sell individualized web hosting packages for your clients. It is a cost effective way to provide that extra level of service for your design or agency clients! It is also perfect for freelancers, web designers or web designing agencies offering web hosting services to their clients.

    The explanation provided here might be over-simplified, but we are doing that for the sake of making things easier to understand. So, let's go through all the basic steps you must take in order to establish a reseller hosting business:

  1. Research the market and select a reseller hosting program that meets your requirements and needs. We will cover the things you should look for later on in this post.
  2. Configure the hosting plans you wish to sell (set their names and technical specs such as disk space, bandwidth, etc.) and set their prices.
  3. Build your own hosting company website and market your hosting plans there.
  4. Drive traffic to your hosting company website and make sales.

Web hosting is a complex business. You need to build and maintain servers, rent or build data centers at multiple locations across the globe with reliable upstream providers, hire and maintain a staff of highly qualified individuals working on shifts around the clock (system administrators, technical support, account managers, and others), set up and maintain the entire software stack (server OS, web server, database server, email, etc.), implement billing solutions and backup systems. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The great thing about reseller hosting is that it takes all that complexity out of the equation. You get someone else to do all the "dirty work" while you focus on acquiring new clients. With a good reseller hosting program, your end customers would not even know the difference. You would appear to them as the actual hosting provider, and you can charge them whatever fees you want. In result, they receive a quality web hosting service while you make a nice profit.

A major benefit of reseller hosting is the minimum operating and investment costs involved. You don't have to spend any money on server hardware and software, which by the way have to be updated on a regular basis, data center infrastructure, and employee salaries and related costs. All of this is taken care of by the actual web host whose services you'd be reselling.

Another great reseller hosting benefit is the recurring revenue stream. If you are a web design company, normally, you would get a one-time payment for actually building your client's website, and you could get some smaller payments down the line for doing maintenance/update works in the future. A great thing about web hosting (from the service provider's standpoint) is that it's a service with an expiration date and it has to be renewed monthly or annually. Thus, it can help you establish a steady stream of income.

The most popular saying in the financing world is "buy low, sell high" and it's applicable in the case of reseller hosting. With Hosting Ground's reseller programs, you pay for one hosting package with certain specs, and you can host as many websites as you want as long as you have enough server resources (e.g. disk space, monthly traffic, etc.).

All Hosting Ground's reseller hosting plans come with 100% White label security, that makes your client believe that it's you working for them. We won't reveal our name anywhere even when you want us to deal with them personally.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is used by individuals and business owners who want to take their website online. You can host as per the resources allocated to you by your web hosting company.

Shared hosting has one owner and comes with one Control panel. But, you can definitely host multiple domains on a shared hosting plan by adding domains to the "Addon Domains" section of Control panel.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is a good option for freelance developers who need to host multiple client sites, owners who want to launch multiple projects, or the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their web hosting business. All you have to do is buy a reseller hosting plan and allocate the resources to your customers as per their requirements and sell or price tag them as per your standards.

In reseller hosting also you can host unlimited domains and can set up each domain name with its own Control panel. In both types of hosting, end users manage their hosting account with the use of control panel.

Our Plesk Reseller Hosting Services are optimised for your need, you have the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade our all reseller hosting plan anytime you want.